Here I go talking to myself again...

Kyle McDonald wrote:
> Anyway, I now find myself setting up nameservers for a subdomain, where
> the parent domain is using a split-horizon, or spilt-DNS setup. So far
> I've setup bind with the hint DB of root servers, and it's working great
> for resolving records in domains outside the company (we have a NAT
> firewall so that is needed.) but it also means that lookups for hosts in
> the parent (or other-subdomains of the parent) get hung up try to be
> resolved by the external side of the parent domain which doesn't know
> anything about any of them.
> I've read through the Split DNS configuration, and it covers setting
> that up pretty well, but I haven't seen any mention of how to configure
> child subdomains of the parent.

I setup my servers as slaves of the parent domain, and that seems to
have fixed the problem so far.
It seems like a hack though.

Reading through other solutions to other problems posted to this list
since I joined, I had the idea that maybe I should setup the parent
domain servers as forwarders? but do I really want to push all internet
lookups through those servers and add that additional hop?

Is there some better way to solve this problem?


> I don't know if it matters, but for completeness I'll add that (at
> least) the internal side of the parent domain is served by 2 Win2003 AD
> machines with MS DNS.
> What do I need to do to make sure that requests for the parent and other
> internal subdomains get resolved internally?
> -Kyle