On Jul 6, 2008, at 7:47 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:

>> I am having an issue and hopefully this is a reasonable place to
>> ask it.
>> bind is 9.3.2
>> I have set up some new services for a customer on one of my servers.
>> They maintain their own dns elsewhere so I am not providing dns for
>> this domain. I gave them the IP address for their new service I host
>> and they added it to their dns for the domain. The new record was
>> for t.medialytics.com . However, I cannot access it since my own
>> name servers return bogus information. I am not sure at all why.

> You have cached data for the nameservers for medialytics.com.
> The delgation information is cached for 48 hours unless
> overridden by zone content. Flush your cache or wait 82115
> seconds for the records to timeout from your cache.

Hi, Thanks.

Ok, how does one flush the cache?

I did multiple

% rndc flush
% rndc flushname medialytics.com

commands. I also killed the daemon and restarted it. In past
caching issues the above have "fixed" bad caches.



> Mark

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