> > i am facing this problem. can u suggest me what might be wrong?
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> > My Querry is:-----
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> In DNS (bind9) one zone file not replicating to one slave server. One
> Master server two slave server(A,B) all zone transfer to two slave
> server are working fine. All Zone tranfer fyn, except one zone file not
> transfering from master to slave A. same zone file transfering okay
> from master to slave B I checked there is not zone file syntax issue.
> bind9 congfig file is okay on slave B because it is transfering all
> other zone files. master server in logs it is saying transfer start,
> transfer end. SlaveB server in logs it is saying, connected to master
> server: Give up: time out., transfer end
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> > Regards

> Simmy

Broken PMTU discovery can cause this. PMTU discover can
be broken by stupid firewall rules which block all ICMP
packets as PMTU discover depends on ICMP packets being
returned when a packet with DF set would require fragmentation.


P.S. I would also send the log messages in future as sometimes
the self diagnosis is wrong.
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