Fabien V. wrote:
> Hi,
> I have Bind 9.5 for Windows XP.
> Sometimes, I have the following error occurred :
> general: critical: .\socket.c:640: REQUIRE(sock->hEvent != ((void *)0))
> failed
> general: critical: exiting (due to assertion failure).
> Can I help from anyone ?
> Thank you very much and see you soon.
> Fabien V.

This is the second report that I have seen on this. Do you have any
dumps or have anything else in the event log? If so can you send this
directly to me (and not via the newsgroup)? Which version of Windows XP
service pack are you running? Do you have logs of what was happening
when this was triggered? Was this after a AXFR transfer?

I have been working on fixing this.