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> Bob,
> We didn't "blow off" /etc/resolv.conf. Your earlier posts
> were along the lines of "I'm trying to learn how to set up a
> nameserver and to document the process". /etc/resolv.conf
> *doesn't*affect* the operation of a nameserver, only the name
> resolution of the local host, so it seemed irrelevant to what
> you were trying to accomplish.

My earlier post were along the lines of 'is this list of things what is
needed for resolution of my websites and using mail on a server. The list
was very explicit with notes. No one said anything about resolv other than I
misspelled it in the letter.
In the texts it was obvious I am new and seeking a helping hand by anyone
who wanted to help. I got a lot of letters berating me instead, though a few
tried to help.

I stated that I wanted to put websites on it and that they in turn need to
send emails. Which does require resolv work correctly (I did not know that I
think looking back it was pretty obvious.) I did not demand answers, I just
asked. I did not appreciate being talked down to by many, and my grief is
directed at them.

> It wasn't until the "Wit's End" post at approximately 5pm
> yesterday, that it became clear you even had a specific
> *problem*. And, even then, you "anonymized" the contents of
> /etc/resolv.conf by saying you had "nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx"
> in the file. How are we supposed to diagnose "xx.xx.xx.xx"?
> Perhaps we should start giving "anonymized" solutions to
> "anonymized" problem descriptions, e.g. "change xxx in your
> named.conf to yyy" and have the posters *guess* at what we're
> talking about. Would that work better?

As in my earlier, it was listed over and over that no websites are on it and
nothing had been set up. I kept talking about the nslookupnot working and
that is as far as I got. I think my letters were very detailed. I think some
people see what they want and disregard the rest. But there help is always
appreciated. But being yelled at is just rude, especially when you are just
asking for help.

> Maybe your next documentation project should be "how to
> maximize the effectiveness of getting information from
> technical mailing lists". More people need to learn how to do that.

Or "how to deal with over bearing jerks who do not help but just attack your
letters, spelling, grammar, and instead of ignoring something they do not
understand they berate you instead".

And.... After hiring people who did not or could not do the job you get a
bit put off. \

I suggest reading books for you. One would be "how to read a plea for help
from a new person not expecting them to know how to put it in words
properly" or "how to bypass a situation where you can make some feel like
poop because you know more than they do and can mess with them instead of

> In any case, populating /etc/resolv.conf is part of
> *Operating*System* configuration, not nameserver
> configuration _per_se_. A precondition for having a
> properly-functioning webserver or nameserver or mail server,
> or anything that provides a service over the network to
> clients, is to have a properly-configured *server*, OS-wise,
> including networking capability, so /etc/resolv.conf should
> have already been taken care of, long before you installed
> BIND or Apache or whatever. How did that step get botched in
> whatever process you were following?

Resov was actually changed by me if you read the mails. Thinking I was doing
it right. Explicityly listed. And since you appear new at reading a full
letter before attacking someone with lame insulting demenaor, you may want
to reread the letters over the last month or so..the ones that mention
'centos' (which installs, you would be surprised, all sorts of programs in
the beginning like apache and all that)
Also, you would realize that other than the basic install, DNSbind was the
first thing I was tackling.

If you bothered to read the letters before writing about your superiority
and eveyrone else's stupidity, you would have read lines like 'I paid people
to set it up for me and they failed'. So, oh great guru of the internet, as
wise as you are, you might not have realized that they changed some files.
Also, I may have tried to fix those files or alter them back to where I
thought they would be. But reading and understanding is not your forte, you
would rather dump on me on the internet over and over again.

Well.....guess you are always right. And your letters were always completely
right (of course they had nothing to do with the questions, but they were

You keep on trucking. You are doing a great job, and a compassionate one

Oh, I sent this to the group too, since you seem to want to keep that up.