On Thu, 17 Apr 2008, Beavis wrote:

> can someone point me out on some resource that can help me setup
> some a zone with multiple entries of say "www" in order to provide
> some sort of round-robin. I'm looking at the following scenario.
> www1 -
> www2 -
> www3 -
> and have it load-balance. is there such feature for bind?

Yes, DNS provides a simple technique like that.

The BIND ARM documentation has an explanation and example. See
(Also more details in the ARM about the ordering.)

I see you use Google mail. You can see real world example of this by doing
a dig of googlemail.l.google.com. -- and you will see multiple records for
same name. And then if you ping it a few different times, you may see
different IPs each time.

As the ARM documents this is a "primitive form of load balancing". It is
not a true load balancer.

Jeremy C. Reed
ISC Sales & Support Engineer