forester404 wrote:
> Hello.
> I am new to DNS, And my questions is actually related more to the
> client side, but I couldn't find a
> more suitable group (please direct me if you know such)
> I am writing an application that uses Dynamic DNS client (dns java)
> in order to add and remove Recored on name server for a giver domain.
> adding and removing ARecords and SRVRecoreds works ok,
> but I would also like to add sub domains to the given domain
> dynamically, using Dynamic DNS. Is that at all possible ?
> My current understating is that it isn't, since one can only
> send Dynamic DNS updates to a master name server, but, in order
> for a name server to set as a master for the new sub domain, it must
> have an SOA record that defines its authority, so it seems like a
> cyclic dependency...
> Am I correct ?
> when I try to send an update to my local Bind name server,
> I receive 'not authoritative for update zone' error.
> Any ideas how to work around this ?

The current attitude in the standards community appears to be that zone
configuration is "too hard", "too complicated" and/or "too
security-sensitive" to be handled by Dynamic Update. Therefore the most
you can do via the Dynamic Update protocol extension is to create the
delegation records from the parent zone. The creation of the subzone's
"nucleus" (SOA and NS records) needs to be accomplished in some other
way, after which you can use Dynamic Update to populate the rest of the
subzone's contents.

Occasionally there is some talk of including zone-creation (potentially
also zone-deletion) in some sort of "provisioning" protocol, but so far
it's just talk.

- Kevin