How many zones do you consider "lots of zones"? Chances are, mysql would
be overkill for what you're running.

If your main problem is slow reload times, perhaps you should consider
using Dynamic Update to maintain your DNS records. This would obviate
the constant reloads whenever you change something.

But, if in fact mysql is a good fit for your requirements, I don't think
you'd replicate using mysql's native methods *and* at the same time
replicate using the DNS-standard master/slave mechanism. You'd either do
one or the other, i.e. either define master and slave at the BIND level,
or define the slave as "master" at the BIND level and then use mysql
replication on the backend to propagate changes.

- Kevin

J. Peng wrote:
> I want to setup a pair of bind (a master and a slave).
> This pair of bind will have lots of zones, in each zones there are at
> least some A records and MX records.
> I think I can setup a mysql for those records for bind master.
> Also I can setup mysql replication and use mysql slave for bind slave.
> Is this good resolving way? please suggest, thanks.