This is a frequently-asked question. There's nothing in DNS or BIND to
provide this information automatically.
Neither makes the assumption that one particular server is going to be
a slave
for all the zones of one particular master.
As DNS server admin, you control what zones a particular server is
slave to and
what server is each zone's master by configuring that information in
the slave.

But, to do what you want to do:
Extra-DNS, you could have a script that ssh's into the master and
inspects its named.conf.
(if the master were running BIND: Win2K DNS might offer some similar
Or: within DNS, you could craft your own way to expose this information
in the
master using a scheme of your own making. TXT records, for example,
give you lots of data
flexibility, and the zone transfer mechanism can also be helpful.

Recently, there was some discussion of efforts to standardize a
particular version of this latter approach.

On Apr 2, 2008, at 11:38 AM, Eric B. wrote:

> Hi,
> I don't know if this is a "bind" question as such, or maybe another
> utility
> (dig maybe?) if at all possible.
> Is there anyway to query a DNS server in such a way that it produces a
> list
> of all the domains for which it is authoritative?
> I'm trying to set up a slave configuration of a DNS server, but
> everytime I
> add a domain to the primary server, I find that I have to manually
> update
> the config on the slave server as well to reflect the new domain as
> well.
> Is there anyway I can set up my Bind slave server as a "mirror" of the
> master server?
> The Master is running a Win2K implementation of DNS, if that makes any
> difference.
> Thanks,
> Eric