Does anybody get an idea to solve next problem ?

I get some bind 9.2.3 resolvers, all configured the same way. All of
them are configured with some views, each of them dedicated to specific
clients. We get the default view recursively answering all queries to
anybody. We also get another one where I am trying to non-recursively
answer queries but without getting data locally.

A little example ..

let's immagine we get lab.intranet. and srv.lab.intranet. defined on two
authoritative bind servers. On the other hand I get wks.lab.intranet
configured on a Ms Dns with WINS/backwards activated.

Now I would like giving access my users to zones lab.intranet and
wks.lab.intranet ONLY. What are the solutions for it ?? I cannot simply
replicate zones on each servers because ISC BIND does not comply with
records 'IN WINS' (specific to Ms Windows Dns). So I try to define zones
as forward or stub, I am also playing with allow-recursion, recursion
but have not find any solution to my problem.

view "xx" in {

match-clients {xx;};
allow-query {xx;};
allow-recursion {xx;};
recursion xx;

zone "." in {
type hint;
file "xx/db.root";

zone "lab.intranet." {
zone "srv.lab.intranet." {
zone "wks.lab.intranet." {

Your help is really appreciated.

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