> X O R wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I was trying to setup DHCP server to update connected clients into BIND9. I

> ts working now. The problem is that I have few hosts with static ip address d
> efined using fixed-address option in dhcpd.conf.
> > So my question is how can I make BIND9 add 'fixed-address' hosts to dhcp.le

> ases? Looks like this is the only way to make BIND9 remove addresses from the
> zones file on DHCPRELEASE.
> >

> Even if you could coax your DHCP subsystem into generating these Dynamic
> Updates, why would you constantly delete and re-add the same
> name/address associations? Seems like you're making your DNS
> infrastructure perform work for little or no benefit.
> - Kevin

there are good cases for doing it with laptops that
you want to have specific addresses when they are connected
to a particular subnet yet have the DNS reflect there current
address when they are not on the subnet. It also provides
for a single administration point when adding a machine.

Having the laptop update it's own address is one solution.
TSIG or SIG(0) can be used to authenticate the update.

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