On 01.04.08 11:20, Jeff Lightner wrote:
> I'm sorry but doesn't this risk someone getting into your chroot
> environment and changing your SCSI setup or other things which is done
> by echoing things into /proc/scsi/...? If it's really required should
> it be a read only mount? The whole point of chroot is to limit what
> can be accessed if the chroot environment is compromised. Giving direct
> access to something like /proc seems counterintuitive to me.

I'm not sure if chrooted/vservered process can modify SCSI settings
(shouldn't imho) but it's better in this case to call named with "-n 4" or
whatever your number of CPUs/cores is.

the answer for OP here is, that the named will (hopefully) use all CPU's in
the system. The problem only comes from inability to detect the number of
CPUs, but the kernel will try to distribute load across all CPUs

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