On 31.03.08 11:59, greg kuechle wrote:
> I have install bind 9.4.2 on a system with 4 CPUs running RedHat es4. I
> compiled named with the --enable-threads and used the -n 4 flag when I
> start named.
> Mar 31 10:12:24 ******** named[4897]: starting BIND 9.4.2 -t /opt/named
> -u named -n 4 -c /etc/named.conf
> Mar 31 16:12:24 ******** named[4897]: found 1 CPU, using 4 worker threads

does your kernel support more CPUs? Seems it does not. Maybe you should
re-compile or use another (SMP) kernel.

> Before I upgraded the system it was running an older version of named that
> comes packaged with the OS.
> Here is the output from the logfile.

> Mar 24 11:34:13 ******** named[5877]: starting BIND 9.2.4
> Mar 24 11:34:13 ******** named[5877]: using 4 CPUs

seems named found 4 CPUs here... you had SMP kernel before the upgrade.

> Did I compile named wrong?

the kernel, not the named, imho.

> Will BIND 9.4.2 use all of the CPUs if I use the -n 4 option at startup?

No, named will create 4 threads if you use "-n 4", independently on number
of CPUs in the system. Whether threads will be run on more CPU's, depends
completely on the kernel. On single-processor kernel everything will use
just one CPU.

If you don't use the "-n" switch, named will detect the number of processors
and decide itself, how much threads to start. That's recommended and default.

> It looks like named is only running on one CPU. Will named start using the
> other CPUs once one CPU is up to 100% ?

I doubt, see above.
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