On 31.03.08 17:52, Franck Dufau wrote:
> i want to install internet dns. i buy a domaine name, register a
> domaine with my IP...
> locally in lan dns work fine, but don't work from internet !
> this is syslog :
> Mar 31 17:05:29 debian named[12972]: unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL)
> resolving 'dieppeseinemaritime.com/AAAA/IN':

you have probably disabled queries from the world and only allowed from your
local network. you can:

- allow queries to the zone in the zone "dieppeseinemaritime.com" statement

- allow queries from the whole world to your nameserver and allow
recuesion only from your lan

- run authoritative-only nameserver on different IP that knows this zone and
has recursion disabled

I recomment the last option. For the option 2, don't forget to disable
recursion from the internet - it may cause you problems.

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