I have a CentOS3 server running BIND 9.4.2 acting as an authorities name
server for a domain. It was also performing recursive lookups for other
machines in the same subnet, but this is no longer desirable as I was
informed that external machines can still use its name cache even if
they're not on the allow-recursion ACL (they just can't initiate new
name lookups) so long as recursive lookups are allowed for more machines
than none, and as this machine is not exactly a resource beast I would
rather disable recursive lookups.

Problem is, once all this is done I then remove from the
resolv.conf file and now when the BIND daemon starts rather than being
almost instant it can sit from 5-15 minutes before firing up.

Should I be settings allow-recursion { none; }; and then leaving
in the resolv.conf file? If so, why does BIND require this for a speedy
start-up? As the machine never needs to resolve names within its own
domain, I'd like it to bypass itself.

Paul ****er

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