Hey guys and gals...

Just want to thank everyone for the helpful hints, book thoughts, etc.

I had help from a man named Dan who answered my 15 questions, sent some
confirming proof of working examples, and basically made me sure I was not
missing anything.

I will be posting the end results on my build a server page as listed
earlier in the thread for anyone reading this later in the year.

Bind is truly, as the writers of Pro Bind DNS said "We completed the DNS
'rite of passage' and found it a pretty unedifying and pointless

Their book was a great help and I am still browsing the O'reilly book.

I hope this thread helps others like me, the few that want to build their
own webserver, who need to use their own dns.

I too found the experience completely unfulfilling, pointless, and mind
numbing complex and simple at the same time.

-no longer a DNS virgin....

-see ya in the apache mail lists...LOL