Well, if anyone is following this and needs help, I set up a forums and a
link to my project page so when the actual files and configs needed are
finished you can just look at them and copy them for yourself. Assuming I
ever finsih it. Ugh.

http://www.bobhoffman.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7 is the nameserver topic I

http://www.bobhoffman.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=2 is the main topic for the
project to build a webserver, with a link to the very unfinished project

I have just started adding the stuff I am learning about BIND and DNS and
security. This topic will grow a lot in the next few hours as I post it all.

Eventually, when someone wants to add a few simple conig files to a
webserver to make it a nameserver, you can just go there and get the example
files to work with.

I believe it will end up being a very small named.conf file and one, maybe
more, zone files to deal with the websites. This is a chance a file like
etc/hots or etc/resolve will have to be adjusted too, but that is not
apparent in any text or tutorial yet..yet.

So, if you are following this, or just found this, I plan on keeping the
project up for quite a while. Come on in and save yourself hundreds of
dollars on books and 80 hours of searching and mailing and just get the very
small example files and use them.

I think once it is done, it should take you no more than about 2 minutes to
change the files, add permisisions, and restart bind. Voila.

Just remember the blood sweat and tears (great group) that went into finding
what would go in these very basic files for a webserver hosting 3 websites
using a nameserver on its on box.

The rite of passage of DNS is one heck of a head bangning ride.

IF you buy a lot of BIND and DNS books, you will love how they deal with the
basic set up...3 of them cover everything except the very basic start. They
cover it by saying 'once you have set up your nameserver, now you can do
these things we explain indetail"

"once you have set up your nameserver....."

IF I knew how to setup a nameserver I would not have bought the