> I managed to hack around "notify-source" not working to my expectations. Sinc
> e BIND wanted to pick a different IP than I told it to via notify-source and
> listen-on (I wanted this to be the same IP for both purposes), I did the foll
> owing:
> - took the IP that BIND seemed to really want to send NOTIFY's on (not the di
> fferent/desired IP in 'notify-source')
> - put that IP as the new master DNS IP in the slave definition for allowing t
> ransfers from
> - added that IP as a second IP in my 'listen-on' so that BIND would listen on
> #53 connections from the slave starting the transfer
> - as an added measure, that IP also went into my notify-source, even though I
> think (on my config) notify-source is not effective.
> Voila. AXFRs happen fast and crisp. So notify-source doesn't seem to work to
> specify the IP used for NOTIFYs.

I suspect that you did not actually start or re-start named
with the configuration you said you did or you specfied a
address that the system was not configured with. These are
common operator errors.

There are NO proved cases of notify-source failing in 9
years of operation. notify-source is used everyday by
thousands of sites.


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