Hi, willing to pay for help.

I have read book after book and still cannot figure where to start or
exactly what to do.
Most books are for networks and this is driving me crazy.
I cannot find anyone to hire to help me.


I have built a webserver and am testing it at home. It will be colocated in
the future, but at the moment, no sites are pointing at it. It is a
standalone webserver and nothing will be linked to it (except the internet).

I would like it to have its own nameserver for the 3 or four sites I am
putting on it.

At home, in testing, I would like the nameserver set up and working for
resolve issues of virtual host and the like.

For the colo, I believe only a few settings would have to be changed to go
from the home to the colo (such as ip addresses and the like)

50 an hour. Doubt this should take more than 3 hours. The extra time in the
three hours can be spent going over a few security issues regarding DNS.

This is just a standalone server. I have a lot of books on this, but nothing
seems to deal with just a basic nameserver and the actual files you need to
adjust. Each book talks about everything all at once and many are
contradicting each other.

Just shoot me please.