The way that I typically do this is to create a zone for the domain that
you wish to blacklist, and wildcard an 'A' record to --
similar to what you are doing, although I'm not sure why you are
redirecting to Google.

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Hi All,

I'm banging my head on a wall, trying to do something I need but that I
cannot do.

I'm wondering if there is a way to tell NAMED not to resolve an address.

For example, I would like to blacklist a site, "" and the
only way I
find out is try to say the NAMED not to resolve the address.

Is it possible to blacklist some site?

For this moment I have modified my named.conf file saying I'm the master
for the domain and resolving the address with a google
IP... but is not
the best way I wauld like to do that

Anyone of you have a brilliant idea?

Many thanks!