Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 19:34:12 -0500
From: Brandon Black
Message-ID: <>

| Should TC be set if all of the Answers fit, but the auth RRs don't fit?

That depends upon the purpose of the auth RRs - there are times when they're
required for the answer, in which case the answer to your question would be
yes, but in general, no (provided that any RRset that is added in the auth
section is complete - it can be complete, or omitted (if not essential),
it can't be partial).

| Should partial RRsets be included in Answers if that's all that can be fit?

Not unless TC is set, ever - if TC is set, it doesn't matter what is in
the answer, so it is generally best (more effecient) to send nothing, but
that's an implementation choice.

Having said all that, setting TC is never truly fatal, just adds lots of
overhead and delays, so erring on the side of setting it more than necessary
is the safe way.


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