Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 20:08:28 -0400
From: Joe Abley

| s/complicated/intractable/, at least in extreme cases.

Only if you assume no tool redesign. But that's already required
for v6, where addresses can look more like names (especially when
used in contexts where ':' is legal syntax, eg: URL's).

All you're saying is that if all numeric TLDs existed (which isn't
very likely at all) then applications would need a UI method to
allow the user to specify "this is an address" as distinct from
"this is a name", and would need to avoid the "see what it smells
like" test they currently do (often without thought, hidden in the
name->address translation routine).

The 1123 ban on all numeric TLDs isn't because they're evil or
impossible or anything like that, it was just a nod to the
practical realities of the implementations of the day (and still.)
It could be altered with sufficient (ie: decades) of advance
notice, if there was ever a good enough reason to do so. Its
the latter hurdle that seems like the bigger issue.


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