On 12-Mar-2008, at 18:02, David Conrad wrote:

> A fully numeric hostname is fundamentally ambiguous if top-level
> domains are allowed to be all-numeric -- it would make a parser
> writer's life much more complicated (not to mention breaking pretty
> much all existing software that does hostname lookups).

s/complicated/intractable/, at least in extreme cases.

199.212.90 A

When faced with the string of characters "", should the
result be the IP address, or the A record corresponding
to the DNS name "", i.e.

I suppose it's fair to say that anybody who configured such a thing
and ran into trouble probably already has feet full of holes.

The reverse tree would look fun, though ;-)

$ORIGIN 90.212.199.in-addr.arpa.
;4 unassigned, kind of, maybe


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