On 1/24/08 6:09 AM, "Edward Lewis" wrote:
> But I don't know of an Internet registry that maintains a
> history - at least on-line - and DNS, WhoIs, EPP, etc., have never
> given a thought to journalling.

Since we have the registries in version control, we actually do have a
journal so that's not a big deal. Back when I was IANA GM, I had put on ou=
'to do' list publishing the diffs, etc., but never got around to figuring
out the best way to do it. I would agree in that I wouldn't imagine there
would be a lot people interested in watching all of the O(100)
changes/month, but my thought with a feed is folks could automate updating
their copies of the registries. I figure a viewer would be useful, if only
to have an easy way to figure out who to blame for a mistake (:-)).

> What I'm writing pertains more to IANA than DNS, but I have spent a
> considerable amount of time to see that the IANA registries for DNS
> are up to date.

A separate issue and I (for one) would like to publicly thank you for the
efforts. So thanks!


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