On 1/24/08 1:28 AM, "Stephane Bortzmeyer" wrote:
> To go back to practical matters, this is a good opportunity to remind
> IANA that a way to easily track the changes on IANA registries would
> be most welcome.


> Do not tell me you are working on it, I know. This is just a reminder
> that users want it. I can put it on paper with a word from our CEO if
> it helps you to get budget from ICANN.

I appreciate the reminder. Right now, IANA staff have been focusing on
getting the long delayed new web site pushed out (REAL soon now). We've
also been moving forward on the XMLization effort with the help of Marc
Blanchet and Viagenie. And publishing stats (click the IANA link on the
left of ). And meeting
the IETF SLAs. And finishing up the root zone management automation. And
getting a demonstration/experimental root zone (along with the zones IANA i=
responsible for) signed (zone transfer open at and see
). And, and, and (:-)). Publishin=
change tracking info via some mechanism is on IANA's (long) list of things
to do, the only question is what the priority should be. With that said,
however, I never say no to offers of help explaining IANA's budgetary
needs... :-)


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