On 1/23/08 10:26 AM, "Dean Anderson" wrote:
> Important questions are:
> How did these IANA documents get changed?

It isn't clear to me that they did, at least since I've been at IANA -- the
last change to the dns-header-flags registry was done on 9 June 2005 (as a
result of RFC 4035).

> Why wasn't anyone notified of these changes when the happened?

If a change did occur, IANA normally only notifies the requester of the

> What other questionable changes have happened to IANA documents?

If I told you, it would expose IANA's nefarious plans for global domination
through subtle changes in the IANA registries and then I'd have to kill you=

More seriously, if there are 'questionable' changes, we are unaware of them=
Changes to registries are generally defined within IANA consideration
sections of RFCs (to be) and current procedure is to ask the requesters to
verify the changes to the registries are correct both before and after the
change. However, stuff (as they say) happens, and occasionally typos (etc.)
are made in registries that aren't caught before they're published. When
we're notified of such issues, or if a registry needs to be clarified for
whatever reason, we'll go and make the changes without much drama.


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