Edward Lewis wrote:
> I submitted a -06 of the document last night, I had to do the "manual"
> submission for some reason, which says "might take two working days."
> There were some nits on it, so it's not perfect as is, I have no
> delusion it is headed "straight to last call."
> I used the file name as before but changed the title to avoid the
> debate over clarifications. Included are sections on case
> preservation, AXFR over UDP (by writing it out we may see a desire to
> kill it) and words on backwards compatibility.
> I hope to see this document get done. With so many years of
> experience with AXFR, there probably isn't a lot of time needed to
> noodle over concepts - but that doesn't excuse trying to feed the
> document through the system quickly. This is about words and it may
> take time to get the words right. But it's only about the words.

Having discussed content issues before the text was available (perhaps
not a good practice in general), I should weigh in early:
I've read it, and I'm quite happy with the words. Modulo any little
things, would be happy to see it adopted once any minor things get fixed.

Brian Dickson

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