At 00:10 22/01/2008, Dean Anderson wrote:
>On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Edward Lewis wrote:
> > Here's a work topic I'd like to get moving, something that got
> > stalled almost 5 years ago.

>I agree that AXFR clarification is an important subject.
>The old draft indeed gives clues as to the ambiguities, but its contents
>are completely bogus. The AXFR protocol should be clarified as widely
>implemented, not as it was altered by the Bind companies in 2000-2002.
> > With the permission of the chair and working group, I'd like to take
> > stab at rewriting the draft, in the spirit of the wildcard "clarify"
> > document.

>Short version:
>No offense to Ed, but I'd be gravely concerned about having anyone from
>UltraDNS/Neustar, ISC or Nominum involved in producing this document.
>New author, please.

Dean, please give Ed a chance to make mistakes before complaining about him :-)

Just because he happens to work with someone you do not like/trust is
not sufficient grounds for removal of editing token.

DNSEXT chair's looked hard for a person to edit this document.
In the group of qualified candidates and ones that did not have known
"conflict of interest" there where only few people available.

Number of people I (and Olaf) approached, over the last year or so,
have declined to take on this task on because they did not want to deal
with the venomous e-mail that this topic has generated in the past.

Over the years Ed, has shown ability to navigate difficult corner
cases in DNS and produce documents of high quality, see RFC3070 and RFC4592.

If there are issues with -06 send them to the WG and/or editor and judge
the process based on results.

For the record as I have "conflict-of-interest" on this document, I will have
hands off approach to it, I have given Ed full control of the document.

When/if time comes for an WGLC I will ask for a WG member to volunteer to
serve as a "special master" to run the WGLC process.


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