At 10:28 +0100 1/24/08, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

>To go back to practical matters, this is a good opportunity to remind
>IANA that a way to easily track the changes on IANA registries would
>be most welcome.

This is akin to the discussion on some other list about delegation
checking. The connection is that at some basic level, all registries
are the same. They associate identifiers with meanings. Whether it
is domain names with information about the network, address ranges
with responsible parties, license plates with automobile owners, or
protocol parameter values with semantics, there is a common thread.

For that reason I think it is unrealistic to desire IANA track
changes - interpreting this as IANA ought to make sure that the
registrations are up to date, just as it has become unrealistic for
large domain name registries to track lameness (there's a whole
thread on that, if you disagree with my assertion here, realize I am
stating this as justification for why I believe IANA checking is
unrealistic not trying to flog the issue once more here). As with
other registries, it is up to the registrants (wrt to IANA's DNS
ones, mostly the IETF) to keep the data up to date. Which is what we
are doing now.

Perhaps my saying there was a mistake at IANA was said in the wrong
way. Note I put the word in quotes. It wasn't a mistake IANA
performed but some there along the way it seems like some thing got
dropped along the way.

>The very minimum would be a syndication feed of the registries (using
>RFC 4287) plus one feed one for every registry.

Seriously, as an aggregate (I suppose) there are frequent changes to
IANA registries but if you filter down to the registries you care
about (as a DNS'er or as a SMTP'er, etc.) it isn't that often and for
the most part your life wouldn't change if there was a change.

Do you really want a syndicated feed of all the changes? I can't
imagine anyone having enough time in the day to care to check it.

>Ideally, we would need a complete time-travelling machine (may be
>something as simple as a VCS + ViewVC) to access the IANA registries
>at any time in the past.

The only registries that maintain a history of registrations are the
ones that track owners of houses and land. My house address' previous
owners are always known (that title search thing I paid for at
closing). But I don't know of an Internet registry that maintains a
history - at least on-line - and DNS, WhoIs, EPP, etc., have never
given a thought to journalling.

>Do not tell me you are working on it, I know. This is just a reminder
>that users want it. I can put it on paper with a word from our CEO if
>it helps you to get budget from ICANN.

What I'm writing pertains more to IANA than DNS, but I have spent a
considerable amount of time to see that the IANA registries for DNS
are up to date. For the most part they are. I have been frustrated
at times with getting some seemingly obvious fixes in at times, not
always the fault of IANA's bureaucracy. But progress is made at
times. This isn't a high priority personal crusade for me.

I'm acting as an actor of a DNS protocol registry registrant, the
IETF, to get our corner up to date. I'm not trying to criticize
IANA, expand it's mission, or blame it for social ills. I'd just
like to clean up what is there so that the next generation of DNS
implementers will have a set of accurate registries as a byproduct of
trying to get the AXFR clarify draft done.

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