This morning we received a call from a customer [we're a small ISP]. They said that people from our ISP were unable to lookup
domains on their name servers. The domain is ''.

Sure enough, when I did a simple 'host', the connection timed out. I then issued the 'dumpdb' command from the ndc
prompt. This is the resulting information:


sencia 1473 IN NS ;Cr=addtnl []
1473 IN NS ;Cr=addtnl []

s7host 1400 IN NS ;Cr=addtnl []
1400 IN NS ;Cr=addtnl []

$ORIGIN s7host.NET.
ns2 1400 IN A ;NT=134 Cr=answer []
ns1 1400 IN A ;NT=20401 Cr=answer []

It seems as though we had all the information required to lookup the A record for, but it didn't do it. Interestingly
enough, after the database dump, both of our name servers looked up the host without problem.

We are running BIND 8.4.6-1 which is the version number in Debian Sarge.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why this problem may be occurring? Any input would be appreciated.

Jeff Wark
TBayTel Internet