Chris Rizzo wrote:
> I have begun the process of creating a split external/internal dns setup. I
> am using bind views so that internal users can see the full zone list, but
> external users only see the Internet routable addresses. It seems to be
> working except for one small issue....I have a subdomain that is delegated
> out to my load balancing devices, i.e. - the load
> balancers are running bind, and are authoritative, for the global subdomain.
> When a user queries, it is actually an alias to
> It looks like the only way that I can get this to
> work is to turn on recursion for the external view, but would rather not. Is
> there some way to do this that I'm missing??? I tried forwarders and stub
> zones but nothing seems to work....Thanks for any help....

It'll work as is, but only because resolvers are persistent:
1) they'll query the nameservers for and get
back only the CNAME record,
2) they'll turn around and query the alias target
(, which may entail talking, coincidentally,
again to the same nameservers, which will give them a
referral for
3) they'll get the A records for from the nameservers
4) they'll merge both the CNAME and A records into the response and pass
it back to the end-user client

- Kevin