From: "Danny Mayer"
> Jim McAtee wrote:
>> In the Windows builds, can the 'automatic empty zone' entries be
>> suppressed from the Application Log? There just seems to be a lot
>> superfluous stuff being logged there. I get something like 18
>> Application
>> Log entries every time BIND is started.

> See the ARM (chapter 6?) on logging.

Thanks, but nothing in the ARM jumps out at me. Certainly no mention of
Windows and the use of event logs instead of channels or file output for
this type of event.

I tried explicitly directing a few different logging categories into a
channel and then a file (config, general, default, security), but it has
no effect on what is sent to the Windows Application log. The only thing
that suppresses all the empty-zone messages is to disable empty zones, but
I'm guessing that's generally not a good idea.

empty-zones-enable no;