> When my nameserver (BIND 9.3.0) is (re)started (i.e. after boot) it
> automagically runs with query logging ON:
> /# rndc status
> number of zones: 411
> debug level: 0
> xfers running: 1
> xfers deferred: 0
> soa queries in progress: 1
> query logging is ON
> recursive clients: 20/1000
> tcp clients: 0/100
> server is up and running
> I've got a channel that writes query logs to file for debug purposes, but I
> only want this to happen when I turn on query logging my self. If the server
> boots during the evening the disk is pretty full when I arrive next morning.
> Is there an option I can set in named.conf that will ensure that query loggin
> g
> is OFF after start?
> --Ingeborg
> --
> Ingeborg Østrem Hellemo -- ingeborg@cc.uit.no (Univ. of Tromsø, Norway)

From the BIND 9 Administators Reference Manual (doc/arm).

The description of the "queries" channel.

Specify where queries should be logged to.

At startup, specifing the category queries will also enable query logging unless querylog option has been specified.

The query log entry reports the client's IP address and port number. The query name, class and type. It also reports whether the Recursion Desired flag was set (+ if set, - if not set), EDNS was in use (E) or if the query was signed (S).

client query: www.example.com IN AAAA +SE
client ::1#62537: query: www.example.net IN AAAA -SE

From boolean options.


Specify whether query logging should be started when named start. If querylog is not specified then the query logging is determined by the presence of the logging category queries.

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