On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 06:27:20PM -0400, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> Not to take this off on a tangent, but why do some people invest so much
> time and effort trying to use their SOA serial numbers as version
> control and/or history mechanisms? Dynamic Update pretty much throws
> that out the window anyway, and if you're *really* serious about that
> kind of stuff, you should be keeping history, change logs, audit logs,
> etc. in the backend of your DNS maintenance system; a serial number
> alone isn't sufficient to reconstruct who changed what, in what
> sequence, etc. anyway...

Absolutely! If you aren't using RCS or (old) SCCS or Subversion or the
like to control your files, you have NO control over your files.

BUT, the serial number has to be something. Why not take half a second
[not so much time and effort] and use one of the common conventions? It
helps you take one look at 'dig soa myzone.example' and see why your
name servers aren't getting new slave copies of the master copy.

Dynamicly updated zones should NOT be under version control since, as
you point out, they are under no control at all. They should be
separate from [relatively] static zones.

Joe Yao
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