On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 02:27:13PM -0700, Keith Woodworth wrote:
> Moved some servers around and running BIND 8.4.6 and I just reloaded a
> zone and get serial number too big.
> 19990301242
> is the current serial number. I dont recall the other BIND server that was
> authoritiative complaining, which is running: 8.3.4.
> How can I recover or fix this particular message? A google search for
> bind serial number too big is less than helpful.
> Thanks,
> Keith

A convention which you may have been following is:


This is designed to nicely keep us under (2^31-1):
for another few years; hopefully not only my kids but any grandkids will
be out of college by then, and I'll be retired. ;-)

For some reason, though, you've added on an extra digit.


Earlier versions of BIND may not have complained about this, but just
let you go on using
(19990301242 (mod 2^32)) == 2810432058 == -1484535238.
This IS an illegal value, though ...

See the aforementioned documents on how to correct this with least
disruption via expiring zones.

Joe Yao
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