At 5:50 PM -0400 2005-05-05, Mike Mitchell wrote:

> According to Cricket Liu, IXFR has been supported in BIND 8
> since 8.2.2. See

I am familiar with the features that were supposed to be present
in BIND-8 -- I was a technical reviewer of his book.

> if you don't believe me. If IXFR is so broken in BIND 8,
> why is the code still present in 8.4.6? Why isn't it
> at least ifdef'd out so it's not an option?

You'd have to ask the people at ISC. My belief is that the code
should be completely removed.

> Why is the answer "don't do that" instead of "hmm.. Lets
> see if we can fix the bug"?

Because fixing the bug took a complete rewrite of all of BIND to
get it to work correctly for BIND-9, and they've been trying to fix
it for *YEARS* under BIND-8, and still haven't gotten it to work

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