> Hello,
> Since we still can't use acls for masters {}, and we can't use a hostname
> in masters {}, and we can't put an IPv6 address in there, how are we
> supposed to tell our slaves to allow updates from an IPv6 address?

Your question doesn't make sense.

If you want to transfer from a IPv6 address you put a IPv6
address in the masters clauses. This works for BIND 8.4.x
and BIND 9.x.x.

If you want to allow UPDATE requests from a IPv6 address
then use allow-update-forwarding so they will be sent to
the master. allow-update-forwarding supports IPv6 addresses.
This works for BIND 9.x.x. BIND 8 slaves don't implement
update forwarding.

> Also, when will masters {} be fixed to allow acls? Or will sed be a
> permanent requirement for BIND?

BIND 9.3 supports named masters clauses.

Acls say allow this *address range* or key to perform some
function. A plain address is shorthand for IPv4/32 or

Masters clauses say connect to this *address* optionally
with this key.

They are conceptually very different things.

> Thanks,
> John Klos

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