how does one/could one go about determining if an IP Address is actually

given that the whole initial assumption of the internet/dns is that a dns
server wnats to return honest information, i can start to see what happens
if this assumption breaks down. but if i could 'poll' a sampling of dns
servers for a given URL/Ip Address, shouldn't i be able to more or less
determine if the address that i'm generating for the URL is 'valid'. and
yeah, i'm willing to assume that a URL could have multiple 'valid' IP

but if i poll 500-1000 DNS servers for a given IP Address, shouldn't i start
to see patterns that tell me what the valid IP addresses are for the URL, so
that an address that gets returned to me (or a false one that's hard coded)
could be identified as being false...




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Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 2:02 PM -0700 2005-04-08, bruce wrote:
> > i got to thinking about this after your 1st email... my basic question

> > is there a list/compilation of valid IP addresses, taking into account

> > the list is completely dynamic.. has anyone tried to compile such a

> > how the hell would you even do it?

> With regards to individual IP addresses, that's not possible.
> Among other things, a given IP address range may be validly assigned
> to someone, but they may allocate IP addresses out of that range on a
> dynamic basis to their clients. Assuming their range is not
> completely full, there will always be some addresses which are not
> currently assigned -- but you never know which ones.

From the context, I'm pretty sure he was asking about valid IP address
of authoritative DNS servers, not valid IP addresses in general.

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