On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 10:16:47AM +0100,
Antonello Carlomagno wrote
a message of 23 lines which said:

> Hi, I apologize but I am newbie..

No problem but you made a most serious mistake: you did not indicate
the real domain names so it is quite difficult to help.

> but I want to receive a message from other with this format:
> test@email.com.exampledomain.com
> When i receive this address, I accept and I manage with my software.
> I have tried, but i have received from dns ...Host not found....
> How I set the MX record of DNS ?

email.com.exampledomain.com. IN MX 10 the-mail-server.

or, if you use short names:

email.com IN MX 10 the-mail-server.