This exact same configuration works perfect on all RedHat distributions that we
When I only have a few domains it works perfectly (on Gentoo).
Once you put a couple of thousand domains in the system it will no longer send
any NOTIFY messages ("sending notifies"). It just takes the update and does
nothing else. The secondary name servers will have to wait for the SOA to

Here is the named.conf:
acl "secdns" {;; };

options {
version "A great version";
directory "/var/named";
pid-file "/var/named/";
// Server will attempt to do all work required to answer query.
recursion no;
allow-query { any; };
allow-transfer { "secdns";};
blackhole { none; };
provide-ixfr yes;
request-ixfr yes;
tcp-clients 1000;
transfers-per-ns 1000;
transfers-out 2000;
notify explicit;
also-notify {;;;;;;;; };
zone "." { type hint;
file "named.root";
include "/etc/zones.conf";

Is there anyway to make the logging more verbose to see what Bind is doing when
it should be sending a notify? It gets the dynamic update and then it just
sits there (no notify is sent).
Has anyone had this problem before on Gentoo or other operating system?
We have tried bind versions 9.2.x all the way to 9.3. All have the exact same

Thanks for any help,