Quoting Barry Margolin :

> Configure your server as authoritative for the root zone, and put a
> wildcard A record in the zone that resolves to your IP.

Here is sort of a followup to this which I have tried many different ways
I want to resolve this local IP for all domains / zones that our systems are not
authoritative for. (Easy enough, already covered by making the wildcard and as
you said answered almost every week).
The problem is that then this local IP is also returned in the glue records for
all other domain responses. Meaning if someone had an MX record going to
"smtp1.mail.yahoo.com" (and you were not authoritative for yahoo.com) then it
would also return the local IP for the Yahoo mail server in the glue record.
Is there anyway to create this wildcard root zone but at the same time not have
any of it's data be set as part of the glue records?