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> I'm planning to setup multi-mastering and am looking for comments:
> To increase our redundancy, I'm planning on having another DNS server at
> our DR (Disaster Recovery) site which will be configured as a master.
> All of our slaves will then get both the IP of the current master and
> this new master in its "masters { };" parameter for each one of our zones.
> I then plan on having the automated system that does DNS updates
> configured to update the zonefiles on both servers.
> Now, as I've read the docs, this will all work - the slaves will take
> info from the master with the most recent serial number that responds first.

When a refresh occurs due to the Refresh timer going off, it will check
each master serially, and pull a transfer from one if it has a higher
serial number than the local copy. It doesn't try them both

> My first question is... notifies. If all the slaves get notifies from
> both masters -- will that cause any problem? Will they get confused? I'm
> assuming they won't try two zone transfers, because they'll do one then
> check the serial.


Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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