I'm planning to setup multi-mastering and am looking for comments:
To increase our redundancy, I'm planning on having another DNS server at
our DR (Disaster Recovery) site which will be configured as a master.
All of our slaves will then get both the IP of the current master and
this new master in its "masters { };" parameter for each one of our zones.

I then plan on having the automated system that does DNS updates
configured to update the zonefiles on both servers.

Now, as I've read the docs, this will all work - the slaves will take
info from the master with the most recent serial number that responds first.

My first question is... notifies. If all the slaves get notifies from
both masters -- will that cause any problem? Will they get confused? I'm
assuming they won't try two zone transfers, because they'll do one then
check the serial.

Anyway, currently the setup looks like:

Hidden Master
|------ external-facing name servers (non-recursive)
|------ internal-facing name servers (recursive)

Now, our recursive name servers are slaves for our domains for a variety
of reasons (mostly political).

The only difference will be that there will be two hidden masters in the

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?


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