Jay W. Reffner wrote:

>What's the best way to migrate my primary BIND 9.3.0 server from one box
>to another changing IP's and host names in the process? I have a slave
>running as well. I've got many zone files and would hate to modify them
>all by hand. Does anyone have any good/easy ways to do this?

It depends how you specified the nameservers. If you have use
somehostname.mydomain.com and have to change them to
someotherhost.mydomain.com then you will have to edit all zone files
where these occur.

If you have used ns0.mydomain.com, ns1.mydomain.com, etc, then you
can bring up the new server, edit all occurrances of
ns0.mydomain.com, ns1.... etc, then after a while retire the old
server. The only zone you would need to change would be mydomain.com,
plus the glue records in the parent zone.



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