John wrote:

>>>There *is* a problem, however, in setting "$ORIGIN ." followed by an "@"
>>>entry. Because of the preceding $ORIGIN, named's parser interprets the
>>>"@" as a root-zone entry. In your logs, you should have had another
>>>error message specifying exactly the line on which the fatal error
>>>occurred. Why did you omit that error message?

>ok...i started with named with debug and now it shows me the line
>error which it failed.
>named[ID 295310 daemon.warning] foo/ CNAME and
>OTHER data error
>named[ID 295310 daemon.error] master zone "" (IN) rejected due
>to errors (serial 2005020102)
>named[25788]: [ID 295310 daemon.error] master zone "" (IN)
>rejected due to errors (serial 2005020102)
>named[25789]: [ID 295310 daemon.notice] Ready to answer queries.
>and the file has...
>$TTL 604800 ; 7 days
>@ IN SOA localhost. info.localhost. (
> 2005020102 ; serial
> 86400 ; refresh
> 900 ; retry
> 604800 ; expire
> 86400 ; minimum
> ) ;
> NS localhost. ;
>* A
>which means that that CNAME line is not being liked as it is...but I
>thought you said linking CNAME like that is fine..

There's no problem with the *target* of an alias being in another
domain. However, the name of a zone cannot own a CNAME record, since the
rule is that when a name owns a CNAME, it cannot own records of any
other type, and obviously the name of a zone owns an SOA record and at
least one NS record.

- Kevin