> Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 12:47:45 -0500
> From: "Jay W. Reffner"
> Subject: Primary DNS Migration
> To: bind-users@isc.org
> What's the best way to migrate my primary BIND 9.3.0 server from one box
> to another changing IP's and host names in the process? I have a slave

Well before you plan to make the switch, bring up the new servers in a
"stealth" mode and ensure that they are working. About a week before
you really want the new boxes to handle the load, submit changes to
your registrar of choice.

After they have been running for about a week AFTER the changeover,
take out the old nameservers from the TLD. (Keep them up though for
another week or two)

After there are no further queries on the old servers, take them down
but keep them handy.

> running as well. I've got many zone files and would hate to modify them
> all by hand. Does anyone have any good/easy ways to do this?

sed in a script should do the trick for changing the nameservers in
your zone files.

> TIA,
> Jay
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