>>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Gil Perez writes:

Manuel> Hello everyone, I've configured two domains and two
Manuel> verifiers (caching server), each verifier in its own
Manuel> domain. The verifiers don't manage any zone. The domains
Manuel> and verifiers are installed in different boxes.

Manuel> When I try to check the second zone using the first zone's
Manuel> verifier... I get a SERVFAIL error, the verifier's named
Manuel> process falls down and in the log files I obtain the
Manuel> following error:

Manuel> - adb.c:496: INSIST((rdtype == ((dns_rdatatype_t)dns_rdatatype_a)) ||
Manuel> (rdtype == ((dns_rdatatype_t)dns_rdatatype_aaaa))) failed
Manuel> - exiting (due to assertion failure)

Manuel> On the other hand, if I test the second zone using the
Manuel> name server of the first zone as verifier... all works
Manuel> fine. I don't get any error :-((

Manuel> Can somebody tell me how I can fix this problem??

Not from the information you've provided. Someone might be able to
identify a misconfiguration if they saw the actual zone and named.conf

However even if there is an error in your setup, you have found a
bug. An assertion failure means BIND9 has detected some sort of
internal inconsistency: a mangled data structure, an invalid parameter
to a function call, etc, etc. This is supposed to be something that
"cannot happen". So file a bug report and keep any core dump for
analysis. Fixing the assertion failure will probably mean modifying
the source code and releasing a new BIND9 version. I think you might
prefer the ISC to co-ordinate that.