> > then make it non-trash by some insane definition. for example, make it
> > match one of the NS.NSDNAME's, according to the "dns view" seen by your
> > dhcp population. if you want your master hidden, then make sure that
> > the non-dhcp-population sees some other SOA and NS for that zone. no
> > problem.

> I would have to agree that a hidden master that is seen by all your dhcp
> clients is an insane definition of hidden.

i've never seen someone hide their master internally (where dhcp runs),
only externally (to keep it from getting hacked or ddos'd). yymv.

> I think a far better solution for me is to lobotomize that section of
> code in dhcpd.

would it make sense to add syntax to dhcpd.conf allowing you to select
the address to which updates will be sent, thus bypassing res_findzonecut()?
(this is the logical equivilent of specifying the server when running the
nsupdate shell-level command.)
Paul Vixie