John Hascall wrote:
>>>>>And how do I make ISC DHCP do that?
>>>>use a non-trash MNAME in the dns view seen by your dhcp server and
>>>It is "non-trash" by any sane definition.

>>then make it non-trash by some insane definition. for example, make it
>>match one of the NS.NSDNAME's, according to the "dns view" seen by your
>>dhcp population. if you want your master hidden, then make sure that the
>>non-dhcp-population sees some other SOA and NS for that zone. no problem.

> I would have to agree that a hidden master that is seen
> by all your dhcp clients is an insane definition of hidden.
> I think a far better solution for me is to lobotomize
> that section of code in dhcpd.

As someone about to hide our hidden master, it sounds like the best
solution will be to make the SOA record *not* the hidden master, but
instead a public DNS server, and then it's by all means... hidden.

Does that break anything else?

Of course, we don't use DDNS, so I just chuck all update logs and don't
worry about it, but...

Phil Dibowitz
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