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> I ran into a problem with my BIND 9 setup.
> I have 2 views, which I've named "internal" and "external".
> The "internal" view comes before the "external" view. The "internal"
> view is limited to 172.168/16. The "external" view is available to
> all.
> So, my understanding of views is that with the above configuration, if
> a node in my internal network queries the nameserver, the nameserver
> should check the "internal" view for a zone match. If it matches,
> then information for that zone in the "internal" view will be
> provided. If it doesn't match then it will attempt to match a zone in
> the "external" view.

No. The only view that's used is the first one that matches the client
IP. So internal users will only see zones that are in the internal view.

If you have zones that should be the same for both internal users and
the rest of the Internet, you have to put them in both views.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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